foamblaster ST-76

The well and tried members of the ST-72 foam lance family are gaining a big brother. The real support is called foamblaster ST-76.

The foamblaster ST-76 is made out of a premium combination of stainless steel and plastic. Starting with an inlet pressure of only 30 bar the foamblaster ST-76 is able to foam mixtures of water and foam agents with a flow of 20 - 60 l/min and without the addition of compressed air.

By means of exchangeable air injector nozzles it is possible to adapt the foamblaster ST-76 to the requirements such as water quantity and inlet pressure in an optimal way. The foam nozzle which is also changeable makes an adjustment to the requirements of the application concerned possible at any time. Depending on the spraying angle and the nozzle size the user can either choose to cover large areas or to realize a wide spraying distance.

The foamblaster ST-76 is designed for applications in agriculture, industry, local and firefighting technology. There are injector nozzles with diameters of up to 2.8 mm for high flow rates available for all stainless steel injectors ST-160, ST-164, ST-166 and ST-167.

Technical data: Max. 250 bar / 100 °C

Our data sheet gives you more information about our foamblaster ST-76. You can download it as a pdf-file (german . english).

For sure, you can rely on the big brother! Please feel invited to test for yourself if our foam blaster is also a real support for you!

In case of any questions, we are at your disposal at any time.