Additional version - grout nozzle with bars protects your chattel from being sucked in!

The grout nozzle 265020 being 370 mm in length and equipped with a connection of 58 mm has been the tried and tested standard product at single self-service vacuum cleaner or central vacuum facilities within the professional self-service interior cleaning for many years.

Due to the wide orifice it often occurred that things like tissues, pens or receipts were sucked in and caused especially in case of central vacuum facilities severe blockages in the pipe system. There are many customers who really got fed up with accidentally sucking in some valuable things like keys and money. In order to get these things back or to resolve the blockage the entire installation needs to be switched off. As a result the operator had to deal with customer complaints and considerable loss of revenue.

R+M / Suttner found a remedy! Our additional version having the same measures is now equipped with bars which are positioned in the mouthpiece of the nozzle. These bars guarantee that only particles are sucked in which enter into the suction pipe and suction hose systems in an unhampered way. Furthermore, the additional bars have a positive effect on the wear and tear of the suction nozzle which results in a significantly increased lifetime.

Please find out if the new version equipped with bars keeps your valuable things together! If it does a good job you know on which version you have to rely on in future.