easywash365+ foam lance - your professional answer to the removal of dirt!

Self-service car wash plants offer special programs in order to satisfy the users` needs regarding the cleaning of their cars. By means of an individual range of products the operator tries to stand out from the local competition. Self-service foam cleaning plays an important role in this context. Before effecting high pressure or brush wash strong and sticking foam is coated in order to etch the dirt on the surfaces to be cleaned.

The easywash365+ foam gun which is equipped with an integrated and active foam nozzle ST-75 having an air injector is the ideal tool to spray on mixtures of water and foaming agents as pre-mix which is produced under high pressure. The addition of the foaming agent is executed in the supply room. A separate compressed air connection is not required.

As the dosing of air is effected only by the air injector at the foam nozzle there is immediately foam coming out when operating the high pressure gun. All VDA-conform and foamable chemicals for washing and cleaning are suitable for an operation.

easywash365+ foam lance with easywash365+ spray gun, lance 245 mm with extension ST-9.1 and foam nozzle ST-75. Regarding the spray gun you can either choose the standard or freeze stop version, the connection is 3/8" F swivel. Max. 310 bar / 25 l/min / 150 °C.

Our enclosed data sheet gives you further information about the easywash365+ foam lance. You can download it as a pdf-file (deutsch . english).

You are invited to get to know our easywash365+ foam lance as you are definitely shown how professional car wash looks like!

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